Reusable Workflow Library

Let's build business apps faster
and with less code.


Viewflow is a lightweight reusable workflow library that helps to organize people collaboration business logic in django applications.

In conjunction with django-material, they could be used as the framework to build ready to use business applications in minutes.


Django web framework solves only technical problems related to the client-server interaction on top of the stateless HTTP protocol. Model-View-Template separation pattern helps to maintain simple CRUD based logic. Viewflow is the library that offers an additional layer of django web framework, allows explicitly specify people's workflow and extracts collaboration logic from django views.

Viewflow layer is based on the BPMN - business process management and notation standard. It is the graphical notation readily understandable by all business stakeholders and software developers. Viewflow bridges the gap between a picture as the software specification and the working solution.

Django-Material frontend is the lightweight alternative to the django admin and allows you to build business applications. It’s based on Google Material Design, that could be easily customized to your brand colors. Django-Material takes care of site-wide navigation, complex form construction, datagrids and CRUD functionality. Ready for fast development of any CRM, ERP, Business Management Software.

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Viewflow Showcase

Checkout what can be build with Viewflow library and Material Frontend