Frontend only

$150 $450

Formsets and nested forms support

List filters and actions

Autocomplete widgets

Custom themes

Third-party apps support (in progress)

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Single commercial project

Lifetime license

1-year access to upgrades

Extended feature set

Private email support

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Multiple commercial projects

+ All features of the single license

Direct Git access

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Viewflow PRO Features

Licensing FAQ

  • General
  • radio_button_unchecked What happens if my subscription lapses?

    You lose access to the pypi server and priority support. You won't get any more updates or bug fixes and 'pip install' won't work anymore. You retain the right to run the version you have.

  • radio_button_unchecked What is the buying process?

    Click the Buy Now button and put in your info. Your license will be associated with the email address you use. I'll generate your download URL and email it to you within 24 hours. You'll receive a confirmation email upon purchase which can be used as an invoice/receipt.

  • radio_button_unchecked Can I embed Viewflow Pro in a product that I sell?

    Yes, with an Appliance license. This provides a license for all of your customers to use Viewflow Pro as part of your product only.

    Section 4, paragraph 2 of the COMM-LICENSE says:
    You may not redistribute the Software as part of a product, "appliance" or "virtual server". You may not redistribute the Software on any server which is not directly under Your control.

    The Embedded license changes this paragraph to read:

    You may redistribute the Software as part of Your own products. Your product must embed the Viewflow Pro package and not directly access the private Viewflow server when deployed.

    Please contact us for the Appliance license terms and costs.

  • radio_button_unchecked Can I get a refund?

    Yes, up to 30 days after purchase. Let me know the reason, and maybe I can help but either way it's not a problem. Email